Innovative products

By creating Pharmedis/Kropla Zdrowia products we supported medical knowledge, which contributed to the creation of natural medical and cosmetic products that support the treatment of skin diseases. We created them with the thought not only of daily body care and cleansing but above all with a view to taking care of health. With careful combination of natural ingredients have developed products, which helps in the treatment of diseases, yet comprehensive care of sensitive skin.

Ecological recipe

Pharmedis/Kropla Zdrowia takes its strength from nature, which gives all the ingredients necessary to maintain the proper health and young looks.

Unique ingredients

Pharmedis/Kropla Zdrowia cosmetics contain mainly natural plant extracts, oils (including ECOCERT-certified argan oil), acids, vitamins, and organic butter..

Long lasting effects

The base of our care cosmetics are plant oils of the highest quality, such as certified argan oil (ECOCERT), avocado oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil. What is more, we also use such ingredients as aloe, oak bark, and green tea extracts.

Elegant packaging

We constantly strive for our products to be not only skin‑friendly, but also eco‑friendly, using organic boxes and cardboards as product packaging.

Our Product Lines

ECO GOLD LINE is a unique series of cosmetics based on the properties of certified argan oil, intended for home SPA and daily care rituals.

ECO LINE consists of natural soaps that gently wash, cleanse, and nurture every skin type, while natural essential oils they contain provide relaxation and comfort, constituting a real aromatherapy for tired body and soul.

MEDICAL LINE is a combination of our medical knowledge and herbs, creating a composition that helps treat existing conditions, such as psoriasis, hyperhidrosis, allergy‑related lesions, acne lesions, or atopic dermatitis. They can be used prophylactically, prevent the occurrence of skin diseases and alleviate their symptoms.

SCANDINAVIAN LINE consists of make‑up removal and face skin care products for every skin type, especially sensitive, capillary, and problem skin.

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Mud cosmetics

Therapeutic peat, also referred to as “black gold” is a peloid forming in deep waters from dead plants and minerals.

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